What does it mean when your scent preferences change?

Picture: My fragrance collection, five years ago! It’s since changed very very much!

When I was in 9th grade, Jlo Glow was my favorite fragrance. I would literally take baths in this perfume. I had the body wash, the shower gel, the lotion, the hair perfume,the conditioner, the room spray, the car air-freshner and anything else I could get my hands on (only slightly exaggerating). I recently, bought smelled Jlo Glow and it smelled AWFUL to me.  I sprayed some on my wrist and literally ran to the bathroom within 20 minutes to wipe it off.

This got me wondering: why is it that a perfume that smells used to smell great, now smells awful? I mean, Glow used to be my JAM and now I wouldn’t wear it if you paid me (and not just because it’s totally out of date and cliche but not in a cool vintage way to wear Jlo Glow at this point).  Maybe it’s not that my tastes have changed maybe it’s that because of the season or hormonal changes these scents just smell different on me?  I re-visted other old favorites, and I deemed this simplistic explanation unsatisfactory. Scent changes represent a deeper internal shift.

In the past my attraction has been to over the top sickly sweet fragrances (think Flowerbomb, Pink Sugar, Viva La Juicy etc.), and while I do still reach for these scents on occasion…usually these perfumes now give me a headache. As other areas of my life have spiraled out of control, I crave simplicity and freshness in an everyday scent. Being in the valley between the mountains of who I was, and who I hope to be propels me to seek invigoration by trying new things including perfumes.

Moving to a new city, starting a new relationship (kinda) made me craves something new, it was time to put away the oriental’s I’ve always loved and venture in different directions. Like an ex-boyfriend, these fragrances will always represent comfort and warmth and might even re-enter my life under the right circumstances, but for now it’s time to put them away. I’m ready to begin a new relationship with citruses! and florals! (oh my 😮 ). Random side note: they say scent is the strongest thing tied to memory, this is especially true with boyfriends. For each guy I’ve dated in the past,  I can vividly recall the perfume I wore at the time, but that’s another post for another day…

Thus, readers of the world (if there are any of you out there) this blog is about charting my own personal evolution through my ever evolving interpretation of scent.

Have your scent preferences changed? Do you have any fragrances that used to be staples that you don’t wear anymore? Why or why not? Do you agree that changing your scent preferences represents a change in your life? Why or why not? 


Top 5 Vanilla Fragrances

All vanillas are not the same. There are Mexican, Tahitian, Bourbon and French Vanilla beans just to name a few. With so many natural variations of vanilla why limit yourself to only one vanilla fragrance?

Top 5 Vanilla Scents

1. LaVanilla Pure Vanilla-a beautiful mix of vanilla, tonka bean and patchouli. Beware  many people complain about this scent being one dimensional, buuuut that’s kind of the point. It’s called pure vanilla *blank stare.* Anyway, this is one of my favorite scents of all time and it’s a great base to warm up other scents especially in the winter.

2. Vanilla Lace by Victoria’s Secret- Vanilla and musk in a bottle, straight up. They’ve changed the formula slightly in the past few years less musk more vanilla, much to the dismay of many perfume aficionados, but it still smells great to me. Extra points for being so affordable. Perfect for women of all ages.

3. Sugar Dipped Vanilla by Carol’s Daughter– smells just like Aqoulina Pink Sugar mixed with a Vanilla cupcake. Yuuuum.

4. Island Vanilla by Pacifica- A nice variation on a classic vanilla. Smells just like a vanilla coconut ice-cream cone.

5. L’Occitane Vanilla Eau de Toilette-a warm musky vanilla, more sophisticated than Vanilla Lace. Just imagine walking down the streets of Leon, France on a cool summer night, this is the scent you want trailing behind you as you snag your beau. The lasting power totally facilitates this possibility.

Honorable Mention: Warm Vanilla Sugar by Bath and Body Works 


What are you favorite vanillas? Have you tried any of my Top 5?

Sexy Little Things Noir by Victoria’s Secret Scented Body Mist

“At once elegant and playfully provocative, it’s an enchanting blend of sparkling nectarine, sultry amber and exotic cattelaya orchid.”

Fragrance Type: Fruity Floral

Fragrance Notes: 

Top notes: Nectarine, juicy apple, sparkling citrus, pineapple, guanabana, mouthwatering pear, red fruit, bergamot

Middle notes: Cattelaya orchid, muget, cyclamen, jasmine petals, plum, vanilla, dewberry, cassis

Low notes: Golden amber, velvet musk, sultry woods, tonka bean

First Impression:   I’ve been wearing this scent for so long that I can’t ethically claim to know my first impression, but I’m sure it was something like “BAM BAM BOOM BOOM STARS THIS IS ME IN A BOTTLE!!” This perfume smells so good. I spray it everywhere, including my boyfriend’s tee shirts before I return them (shhh don’t tell him). This makes him think that this fragrance is my natural body scent, and who doesn’t want their natural body scent to include velvet musk? and cassis?

The top notes of nectarine and juicy apple burst through the air with the first spray. I haven’t come across apple (which I love, seriously I once ordered 3 crates of apple chips but that’s another story for another blog) in fragrances nearly enough and I find that it gives Sexy Little Things Noir an extra unexpected bit of pizazz. As the scent winds down, Sexy Little Things Noir takes you on a long winding road of fruit, and starfish, and sugar plum clouds before finally ending up at a cozy destination of amber waves of err tonka bean. It’s fresh, flirty, warm, and endearing. It’s the kind of fragrance that makes someone want to hug you again.

The thing I like the most about Sexy Little Things Noir is that it serves as a good foundation for other fragrances. If you’re like me and you don’t want people to be able to pinpoint exactly what you’re wearing (because you know they’re just asking so they can run out and buy the same fragrance…lame) mixing scents is a great way to ensure uniqueness even with popular fragrances like those from Victoria’s Secret. Plus, I consider this to be my “signature scent” so layering it with other fragrances is a way to always smell the same…kinda.

Where to Wear:  Light enough to wear during the day, I like to use this as a base for almost every other fragrance I wear making it easy to transition into night, summer nights, dates (men/women LOVE this seriously, so what ever your preference give it a whirl!)

Who Loves This: Everyone with a soul

Lasting Power: 1-2 Hours 😦  I’ve also used the eau de parfum and it does NOT last any longer than the body mist so don’t waste your money).  The only way to prolong the scent is to layer the Body Mist with the Sexy Little Things Noir Lotion, and the Sexy Little Things Noir Shower Gel. If you’re obsessed like me you can also add the Sexy Little Things Noir Shimmering Body Powder

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Overall Rating: 5/5 I would give it a 6/5 if it lasted longer (oh but Kay that’s an imperfect fraction? oh well it’s my post my rules). Beautifully Done. Top 5, Holy Grail List.