Especially ESCADA by ESCADA eau de parfum

“Discover the new lighthearted fragrance”

Fragrance Type: Floral

Fragrance Notes:

Top Notes: Pear and Ambrette Seeds
Mid Notes: Rose and Ylang Ylang
Bottom Notes: Musk

First Impression: Especially Escada is a pleasant surprise from a typically generic fragrance line. Usually I find Escada, to smell very cheap and young due to the heavy emphasis their company seems to place on sickly sweet synthetic fragrances. However, it seems as though with Especially Escada,  Escada has decided to upgrade. Random Side Note: I’ve been waiting for years for Bath and Body Works or Victoria’s Secret to release a good rose scent. Rose is so much chicer than those bubble gum pop fragrances they seem to love. Anyway, especially Escada is a refreshing take on a classic combination of musk and rose.

Where to Wear: This perfume would be perfect for a date night.

Who loves this: Cosmopolitian women who love Martinis and BCBG, this scent smell youthful and fun but it elegant enough to be worn by older women, a woman who used to love Escada as a teen

Lasting Power: A few hours at best

You Might Also Like: Yves Rocher Moment de Bonheur, Dolce and Gabanna The Rose

Rating: 3/5 (as much as I love Especially Escada I had to take off a point for the lack of lasting power)

Have you smelled Especially Escada? What are your thoughts on Especially Escada? What is your favorite rose scent? Share your thoughts in a comment below.


Big Pony Collection #2 for Women by Ralph Lauren eau de toilette

Fragrance Type: Fruity Floriental

Notes: Cranberry and Tonka

First Impression: I don’t know:  Every since I first saw the adds for the Big Pony collection last year, I’ve been wanting to get my hands on one of the fragrances from this line. The Ralph Lauren fragrance collection will always have a special place in my heart, since the first perfume I ever bought was Ralph Lauren Ralph in 2007. However, I found the Big Pony collection to be very underwhelming.  At first, the combination of voldka and eau de toilette reminded me of a cranberry and voldka.  This scent reminds me a lot of Fantasy by Britney Spears, but less sweet and less complex.  The warm down is much more pleasant the alcohol-scent-inducing first spray. I think this fragrance would be much better as a candle than a perfume.

Where to Wear: #2 is versatile, this scent is appropriate for all seasons and subtle enough to be worn in the day time. I wouldn’t wear it at night by itself ( I am a big believer in fragrance mixing for simpler fragrances like this).

Who wears this:  This fragrance is great for younger women, college age students, and 20 somethings. I don’t think it even begins to approach the sophistication necessary to reach a older or a more refined audience.

Lasting Power: The lasting power is pretty good, depending on how potent you like your sickly sweet toilettes. It won’t last all day, but you’ll get a good 4-5 hours without having to reapply.

You Might Also Like: Fantasy by Britney Spears, or Ralph by Ralph Lauren

Overall Rating: 3/5

What does your wrist smell like?

HESPERIDES Grapefruit by fresh

“An intoxicating medley of citruses that surrounds a crisp grapefruit accord.”-

Fragrance Type: Fruity
Fragrance Concentration: Eau de Parfum

Top Notes: mandarin, Italian lemon, grapefruit
Middle Notes: bergamot, lotus flower, transparent jasmine
Bottom Notes: rhubarb, musk, peach

First Impression: Upon first whiff, I was immediatly reminded of the Pinesol my mom used to clean the kitchen floors when I was younger. If you can suffer through the first five minutes, the reward is worth it. The scent of Pinesol is replaced with a bursting harmony of lemon, bergamot, and jasmine. Fresh Grapefruit is citrus without being medicinal, crisp without being harsh, and lasting without being cloying. The bottom notes of rhubarb, musk, and peach elevate what could be a very childish scent into a soft, soothing, yet fresh fragrance. Think lemon square, not lemonade.

Where To Wear This:  This fragrance is light enough to wear at the office or a cool summer night. I would definitely catagorize this as a summer scent, but I also think if combined with the right warmer scent this could transition easily into winter. Victoria’s Secret Vanilla Lace, or LaVanilla Vanilla comes to mind… I don’t subscribe to the whole “citrus scents are only for summer, vanilla/amber scents are only for winter” notion anyway.

Who Wears This: Bohemian types, frequent shoppers of Anthropologie and Free People, she doesn’t want you to think she’s wearing perfume, if you ask her what she’s wearing she’ll probably just say it’s her body wash because women like her are too busy saving the world to wear perfume, and hey! it is one of those shower fresh type fragrances

You Might Also Like: Victoria Secret’s Sexy Little Things Noir, and Fresh Sugar by Fresh

Rating:  4/5

Have you tried Fresh Hesperides? What are your thoughts? What is your favorite fragrance from the Fresh line? Leave a comment below!