Perfume Paradoxes: Preservation, Options and Artistry

As much as I love perfume there are a few things about being a perfume collector I just can’t reconcile…

The Paradox of Preservation: Any good perfume aficionado knows that the best way to preserve scents is to store them in a dark cool place. Having said that, I’ve never understood why if I’m supposed to keep it locked in a drawer or cabinet why they make the bottles so pretty? I mean really, how could I store this in a closet and not on my dresser.
The Paradox of Too Many Options: Too many scents, not enough wrists. What I’m about to say is the epitomize of privileged first world problems so just know that I know that but sometimes I wish I could wear two fragrances at once (which I often do a la fragrance layering, but that’s not what we’re talking about here, I’m talking about here. I’m talking about wanting to have different scent vibes on the same day.

The Paradox of Layering vs. Respect for Artistry: As you can tell from my previous posts and our Instagram page, I am a huge fan of Jo Malone perfumes. One of the things that initially attracted me to the brand, was the emphasis placed on perfume layering, that is mixing and matching to create your own unique scents. Following the success of Jo Malone, other emerging brands like Pinrose scents are also emphasizing this approach to their customers. On one hand, I find layering to be extremely appealing. I’ve always hated the idea of smelling like someone else or having someone immediately be able to guess what fragrance I’m wearing. On the other hand, I find something deeply respectable about brands like Creed and Bond No. 9 that invest heavily into the complexity and crafting of their scents. A scent like Nolita (the latest release from Bond No. 9) is not meant to be layered-doing so would only dim its beautiful beautiful light. Alas, I am torn. I’m going to following up on this in another post as I could certainly explore this tension further.


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