Review: Crystal Noir by Versace

I really should seek therapy for my perfume addiction. I ventured to my local CVS to get ammunition against the  army of chills, runny nose, dry cough, and fever currently attacking my body and couldn’t help but stop on the fragrance aisle (a fragrance aisle at CVS who knew?). I was expecting the normal tacky cheap impression fragrances and was not dissappointed. I quickly ran past an ad for “Hola! Our Version of Lola!” somewhere Marc Jacobs is doing a shot for the memory of his beloved fragrance…anyway as I was turning the aisle looking for Echinacea pills I noticed a small black box of Versace “Crystal Noir.” After trying, Bright Crystal, and Amber Crystal I couldn’t help but try one more Versace Crystal in hopes of finding one that was sultry enough to fit me.  Crystal Noir does not disappoint.

Fragrance Type: Floral Oriental

Fragrance Notes: Gardenia, Tuberose, Amber.

Initial Impression: hmmm this is sexy! It’s like Bright Crystal’s sultry older sister

Where to Wear: Date night with your boyfriend whom you hope to turn into your fiance.

Who Loves This: Women in their mid-twenties-thirties. Mature enough for women ages 40 and up.

Lasting Power: 5/5 will last all night long, and leave a lingering scent in the sheets.

You Might Also Like: Versace Amber Crystal, Ralph Lauren Romance, Chanel Coco Noir


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